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Open Thread, August 2010

Alright, I've lost track of the bookmark and my google-fu is not strong enough with the few bits and pieces I remember. I remember seeing a link to a story in a lesswrong article. The story was about a group of scientists who figured out how to scan a brain, so they did it to one of them, and then he wakes up in a strange place and then has a series of experiences/dreams which recount history leading up to where he currently is, including a civilization of uploads, and he's currently living with the last humans around... something like that. Can anybody help me out? Online story, 20 something chapters I think... this is driving me nuts.

How to always have interesting conversations

I've heard of a similar strategy once discussed as part of pickup, I believe - I can only pull up a vague memory right now, but the thought was something along the lines of this. If a woman says she "just moved away from her family in San Francisco to have more freedom," each word of that can be a hook into an interesting conversation. What was moving like? What's her family like? Why did she want to move away from them? What's it like in San Francisco and how is it different here? What kind of freedom was she looking for? etc.

I've been working on using that type of conversation as well to avoid awkward pauses and keep interesting conversations going.

The Trolley Problem in popular culture: Torchwood Series 3

How many lives is your dignity worth? Would you be willing to actually kill people for your dignity, or are you only willing to make that transaction if someone else is holding the knife?

The Trolley Problem in popular culture: Torchwood Series 3

Well I WAS planning on getting some work done today.. but now...

Return of the Survey

I took the survey, and am not all that interested in the Karma point... I just wanted to brag that I wasn't far off on the calibration. I gave a pretty low confidence level, however.

...though in thinking about it now, my confidence distribution is spread pretty far towards the earlier side of things. I would not have been surprised to find that my guess was half or an entire century later than it actually was, but I would have been extremely surprised if my guess was 30 years earlier than the actual date.

Maybe that's not too surprising, that I feel more confident estimating more recent historical events than those farther back.

Return of the Survey

I ticked the boxes as well. At the time, the first thought that occurred to me was "Easter Egg? Maybe if you check them you get something special at the end of the survey." Too many video games, I suppose.

The Sin of Underconfidence

Puevf Unyydhvfg wrote about how he would debate Jvyyvnz Ynar Penvt on his blog. I found it worthwhile.

Where are we?

I'm in Peoria, IL. In Chicago pretty often though.

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