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>To exist is to be imperfect
A thing that that philosophical types like to do that I dislike is making claims about about what it is to exist in general, claims that presumably would apply to all minds or 'subjects', when in fact those claims concern at most only the particular Homo Sapiens condition, and are based only on the experiences of one particular Homo Sapiens.

>However, I can't help but be troubled by the thought that the
>mass murder of jews, gypsies, the mentally retarted and
>homosexuals was precipitated by the fact that Hitler et al
>thought it was 'obvious' that they were crap and needed fixing.
To point out the obvious, Alice at least judges Hitler's actions as crap, and judges the imposition on the world of values that have not been fully considered as crap, and would like to impose those value on the world. This is was a good post on the subject: