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Wulky Wilkinsen is a “post-utopian.” What does this mean you should expect from his books? Nothing. The belief, if you can call it that, doesn’t connect to sensory experience at all.

I don't believe this is a good example. That information actually can change your anticipation.

By knowing that information you can expect the book will be set in a post-utopian world. By anticipating that you can maybe take better notice at the setting and how exactly the world is post-utopian.

But a great article nevertheless.

If in place of Squared_Modulus, our magical tool was some linear function—any function where F(X + Y) = F(X) + F(Y)—then all the quantumness would instantly vanish and be replaced by a classical physics.

I am having trouble working out linearity of functions. Let's say we take a linear function F(x) = x + 5. Then we use the above linearity you mention F(5 + 6) = F(5) + F(6).

We get F(11) = F(5) + F(6).

If we work that out we get => 11 + 5 = 5+5 + 6+5.

The result is 16 =/= 21.

So, the linear function doesn't have linearity as its property?

I am confused.