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I've found that earplugs exacerbate the effects of tinnitus and make it difficult to sleep. Having my desk fan turned on throughout the night helped me sleep a lot better

I brush my teeth in the shower and find that I clean more thoroughly than standing at the sink

My alternative to a sound machine is to have my desk fan turned on on during the night

Was there anything in particular in the book that triggered you to not enjoy smoking anymore?

Could you share these exercises? As somebody who suffers from RSI, I would be interested to know which techniques worked for you, without needing to see a specialist

Are you able to elaborate on the muscle contractions? If there anything in particular to look out for or are you able to give specific examples? 

Ever since I put my phone on the opposite side of the room at night, I find it a LOT easier to get up in the morning, as well as getting to sleep faster