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I agree absolutely - however the effect wanes. I found the behavior would go extinct maybe a week or so after a 20 minute session of doing this. Reading this has inspired me to do the straightforward thing and just practice weekly.


Just show up! Only one guy bites, you'll be warned about him. Strongly suggest you join the FB group in case you get lost though - http://www.facebook.com/groups/219526434802422/


I'm going to start using this article as a kicking off point for new people to "get" less wrong...


Oh oh oh and as always, look up "Less wrong - Sydney" on FB. PM me if you can't find it. If you don't have FB, PM your email and we'll keep you posted.


I was told around 4 or more? We had ~7 people last meeting so I don't see why it would not work. Partially the "other games" bit is because there is an upper limit of how many people can play, so we need to have side activities!


As you enter look for a white sign on the table and a guy in a red tie


Last time we did - and we will probably have some short follow up.


I'm wearing a blue tie, white shirt and have an IPad propped up with the less wrong logo


Should be worth noting that what I thought was the James squire brewhouse is the king street brewhouse, identifiable by numerous blue umbrellas with the blue tounge logo. I'm here now. Also, of anyone could confirm the existence of the "James squire brewhouse, I would be interested.

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