Discussion article for the meetup : Less Wrong Sydney - June

WHEN: 28 June 2012 06:30:00PM (+1000)

WHERE: 77 Liverpool Street, Sydney, Australia, Level 2

[Note - because of a large proportion of people attending who do not regularly read less wrong, a more general topic was chosen]

On this night, the topic is something recently highlighted on Less Wrong's sister blog, Overcoming bias. http://www.overcomingbias.com/2012/06/the-smart-are-more-biased-to-think-they-are-less-biased.html

Essentially, do you think being smarter makes you more fair in your judgement? Does the ability to see more patterns make you better, or merely more likley to be a conspiracy theorist?

Don't know the topic? Worried this is just another cult out for your organs? Doesn't matter. Come for the mindset, board games and to meet new people. Also, the increasingly absurd desserts available at Norita's Cafe and Board games.

Feel free to bring whomever you wish, as always. If you want to invite friends to the group, ask for admin status in the FB group!

Discussion article for the meetup : Less Wrong Sydney - June

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