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I have terminal cancer and have believed in AGI doom for much longer than I've know I have cancer. Neither of these things made me depressed. Perhaps that is because I'm pretty close to an existentialist.

I would also like to add that even if you're not making long-term investments (I'm certainly not), maintaining good health (as best you can) is always worthwhile because it directly leads to higher quality of life.

I'm not exactly in this position, but I think it is somewhat adjacent. I have stage 4 prostate cancer and after initial treatment (chemo + castration) decided to stop seeing my urologist for periodic checkups. I do regularly get my blood tested by a lab outside of our (European) healthcare system.

This was not exactly due to the establishment being "wrong", but a combination of factors:

  • Quality of care wasn't great and I can't stand the paternalistic nature of healthcare (in my country).
  • After five months of pretty intensive self study and an occasional question to my doctor I felt that I had a sufficient understanding to improve my treatment beyond "standard of care". It probably helps a bit that my brother is a doctor.

Three and a half years after diagnosis I'm doing better than expected, but of course there is no way to tell if this is due to luck or my own treatment.

At first I was a bit frustrated that none of my doctors seem to care, but I understand that they've been thoroughly trained to ignore anecdotes (and they're probably also overworked).

I feel it important to mention that I'm not into alternative medicine. I got my GP to prescribe off label medication and the rest is just lifestyle adjustments (diet and exercise).

Feel free to ask me questions.

I have stage IV cancer and personally vastly prefer death to being frozen. I'm frankly baffled by those who think cryopreservation is a good idea given the threat that unaligned AGI poses.

[edit to add:] BTW, this isn't rationalization. I've felt this way about cryopreservation for many years before I knew I had cancer.

Side note: vitamin D supplementation should not be used to replace sun exposure.

Strongly agree, but I don't think it is because vitamin D supplements aren't "real" vitamin D. It is very likely that sun exposure triggers other important processes.

Thanks for this article. I was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer last year. With the caveat that you've obviously spent more time than me on understanding the general conditions of cancers and that I'm in Europe, I'd still like to give my impressions. I think way too much money is spent on cancer drug research compared to fundamental research understanding the human body. Doctors and patients are way too eager to spend a lot of money for small amounts of improvement in overall survival. I think you are too optimistic about immunotherapy. I was offered to participate in a trial and looked into it and for PCa the record is abysmal. The side effects are also significant. I decided to decline the trial (which did feel a bit selfish.)