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Mindfulness as debugging

I was thinking of #1.  #2 applies both to genetic selection and cultural selection.

We should probably buy ADA?

ADA is definitely a contender, but my concern is that they may be too slow.  I'd rather own a few coins, and rebalance as things develop.

(I own some ADA, and added more on the recent dip, but I have more ETH than ADA.)

Get your gun license

A modest suggestion: first, learn how to shoot.  Something simple, like a .22 target pistol.  Find someone who knows what they're doing and ask them to teach you.  Learn how to load it, how to stand, how to hold it, how to aim, how to pull the trigger.  Feel the recoil.  Practice at a target range.  None of this is particularly complicated, but "gun" will no longer be an abstraction, it will be something tied to body memory.

Now, think about whether you want to own a gun.

April 2021 Deep Dive: Transformers and GPT-3

Thank you for writing this up!  This is also something I want to learn about.  FYI, there is a book coming out in a couple of months:


Mindfulness as debugging

Even cultural heritage may be seen as especially effective compression heuristics that are being passed down through generations.

"Especially effective" does not imply "beneficial to you as an individual".  

Let's Rename Ourselves The "Metacognitive Movement"

I like it.  By all means, as long as we're thinking about thinking, let's think about how we label ourselves.

How can we increase the frequency of rare insights?

When I solve a sudoku, I typically make quick, incremental progress, then I get "stuck" for a while, then there is an insight, then I make quick, incremental progress until I finish.  Not that there is anything profound about sudokus, but something like this might provide a controlled environment for studying insights.  http://websudoku.com/ provides an endless supply of classic sudokus in 4 levels of difficulty.  My experience is that the "Evil" level is consistently difficult.  I have noticed that my being tired or distracted is enough to make one of these unsolvable.

You also discussed cross-discipline insights.  There are sudoku variants, such as sudokus with knight's-move constraints.  Here my experience is that having recently worked on a sudoku variant tends to interfere with solving a classic sudoku.  I also solve the occasional chess problem, but have not noticed any interaction with sudokus.

Is there any plausible mechanisms for why taking an mRNA vaccine might be undesirable for a young healthy adult?

Instead of an either/or decision based on first principles, you might frame this as a "when" decision based on evidence.  We've had about 4 months of real-world experience with the mRNA vaccines... if you wait another 4 months, that's double the track record, and it's always possible that new options will open up (say, a more traditional vaccine that's more effective than J&J).

What ethical thought experiments can be reversed?

I would like to know which other ethical thought experiments have this pattern...

Isn't the answer just "all of them"?  The contrapositive of an implication is always true.

If (if X then Y) then (if ~Y then ~X).  Any intuitive dissonance between X and Y is preserved by negating them into ~X and ~Y.

A whirlwind tour of Ethereum finance

Excellent introduction!  My own experience with DeFi is a few months in the Yearn USDT vault.  (It seemed like a low-risk way to learn the mechanics.)  The quoted APYs vary quite a bit from week to week.  If I calculate the APY myself over the whole time, it's about 9% annualized.  That's not bad for a stablecoin, but after gas fees for entry and exit, it's hardly worth the bother for the amount I was willing to experiment with.

I find that I like strategies with a lot of transactions, like dollar-cost averaging or asset allocation with rebalancing.  For these, transaction costs are much lower on a centralized exchange.

If I find something that I want to buy in one lump and hold for a few months, and it's not available on my exchange, I'd certainly consider buying it on Uniswap.

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