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Revelation and mathematics

"a feeling of supreme insight without any associated insight"... I call this a "content-free Aha moment".

Regarding math education, you might look into the Moore Method of teaching topology.

Ideal Chess - drop chess perfected

Changing the rules tends to neutralize acquired knowledge.  A strong club player is strong in part because he has an opening repertoire, a good knowledge of endgames, a positional sense in the middlegame, and recognizes tactical themes from experience.  Beginners tend to be weak players precisely because they lack those things, because they haven't  yet made the investment in time and effort to acquire them.

Changing the rules appeals to weaker players because it levels the playing field.

Of course, by saying this, I'm signaling that I'm a chess snob, that I have substantial acquired knowledge, and that I'm strong enough to play "real chess".

The Hard Problem of Magic

I enjoyed this and tagged it as Humor.

The bads of ads

This means that if I see substantially more advertising for Brand X than for superficially-similar Brand Q, I can reasonably assume that Brand X is likely to have a better product than Brand Q.

I have the opposite reaction.  Example: two products sell for the same price, Brand X spends 50% on manufacturing the product and 50% on advertising, Brand Q spends 80% on the product and 20% on advertising.  If I buy Brand Q, I am getting more product and less advertising.

Another example: Diet Coke is twice as expensive as Sam's Diet Cola (Walmart's house brand).  Let's see, flavored caffeine water plus advertising, or flavored caffeine water without advertising?  Which is the better deal?

I see advertising as a negative signal.

Have you tried hiIQpro.com's cognitive training or coaching?

Gee, if I do the training twice, can I get 20 - 40 points?

IQs are defined on a normal curve, and a standard deviation is 15 or 16 points, about the midpoint of the promised 10 to 20 point gain. A 1-sigma gain (for any reason) becomes statistically less and less plausible as one moves to the right of the curve. Based on the education levels in the user survey, Less Wrong readers are already a lot smarter than average. So, for us, probably not. For Joe Average, maybe so.

Jam is obsolete

I like berries on my oatmeal, and have tried various kinds. Blueberries freeze well, and a thawed frozen blueberry is a reasonable approximation of a fresh blueberry. There is the same resistance, pop and release of tartness and flavor. Raspberries turn to mush when they thaw. Strawberries are somewhere in between.

How I use Google Forms in my Workflow

Can you give me a away to copy your templates into my own Airtable workspace?

Pulse and Glide Cycling

Ergonomics! Raise your seat to get full or almost full leg extension. Raise you handlebars if needed. Experiment. I find that slight adjustments to the bike make a big difference in where I get sore.

Also, look into interval training / HIIT, although this is more about maximizing output over time (cardio) than minimizing pain.

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