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I know that. People are so lame. Not me though. I am one of the genius ones.

You know, it would be interesting if Yvain had put something else there just to see how many people would try to cheat.

Time on Less Wrong/IQ: -.164 (492)

Wait, this means that reading less wrong makes you dumber!

Hmmm, there was something about correlation and causation... but I don't remember it well. I must be spending too much time on less wrong.


I felt so rebel giving passwords right above Google's message:

Never submit passwords through Google Forms

There aren't enough interesting sequences of 40 coinflips to ever see one.

Every sequence of 40 coin flips is interesting. Proof: Make a 1 to 1 relation on the sequence of 40 coin flips and a subset of the natural numbers, by making H=1 and T=0 and reading the sequence as a binary representation. Proceed by showing that every natural number is interesting.


So they are building their reputation on their marketing skills, not on the future.

That quote seems to be very good in making idiots who think they are not (the majority) to behave like idiots.


At the moment I feel like health isn't as important as good reinforcement

You traded HP for XP.

Math is a significant topic!

I think the blog post was basically speaking in favor of the charity principle.

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