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Attention Lurkers: Please say hi

That it's actually a verb surprises me. I was just intending it to be a pun on the game Frogger. I thought, "one who runs is a runner, so what does Frogger mean?"

Attention Lurkers: Please say hi

"define: frogger" was the best username I could think of, at the time ;).

Sequences in Alternative Formats

The major issue in implementing this would be the width of eReaders. As replies get further nested, the more to the right they should be. On your average Kindle, it might only be able to go to 4 or so levels before having to wrap around (am I making sense?)

Sequences in Alternative Formats

Would you like an ebook of all of his posts not in the sequences? It would be reasonably simple to make.

(Not related, but I should mention: in my ebooks, some posts in the sequences are actually omitted because they aren't on LessWrong, but or Overcoming Bias. Particularly in "Map and Territory." jb55's have those posts.)

Attention Lurkers: Please say hi


I only subscribed yesterday, and I didn't even have an account before now, but I'll consider myself a lurker and post here. There probably won't be a better time to join the community anyway.

Nice to meet you guys.