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OpenAI Codex: First Impressions


I finished at 11:44:16 AM and placed #193, and I didn't really start until about 10:30AM. The puzzles were not very hard, so I infer that there were not a very large number of contenders.

Arrow grid game

I'm confused about this diagram. Is it plotting out activity preferences?

[Link] Sarah Constantin on RaDVaC

It looks like her objection is that the RaDVaC folks chose some pretty questionable peptides. Presumably you could simply order some different peptides, but I think you'll run into the following problems:

  • You need to pick peptides that will, in the RaDVaC formulation, wind up folded similarly to their conformation in the live virus. I, personally, have no idea how to do that.
  • You don't really have much evidence of immunogenicity for your new RaDVaC formulation and probably need to measure it again (my understanding is that the RaDVaC designers have done some immunogenicity measures in themselves, so the current formulation has some evidence of immunogenicity).
A vastly faster vaccine rollout

A medical worker who tried to sign up for vaccine administration recruitment was confronted with needing 21 pieces of paperwork showing that they had completed various trainings, many of which have nothing to do with vaccination.

Care to paste a source link?

Prize: Interesting Examples of Evaluations

Stress tests

Many systems get "spot-checked" by artificially forcing them into a rare but important-to-correctly-handle stressed state under controlled conditions where more monitoring and recovery resources are available (or where the stakes are lower) than would be the case during a real instance of the stressed state.

These serve to practice procedures, yes, but they also serve to evaluate whether the procedures would be followed correctly in a crisis, and whether the procedures even work.

  • Drills
    • Fire/tornado/earthquake/nuclear-attack drills
    • Military drills (the kind where you tell everyone to get to battle stations, not the useless marching around in formation kind)
  • Large cloud computing companies I've worked at need to stay online in the face of loss of a single computer, or a single datacenter. They periodically check to see that these failures are survivable by directly powering off computers, disconnecting entire datacenters from the network, or simply running through a datacenter failover procedure beginning to end to check that it works.
  • https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stress_test_(financial)
Prize: Interesting Examples of Evaluations

Current open market price of an asset

Public, highly liquid markets for assets create lots of information about the value of those assets, which is extremely useful for both individuals and firms that are trying to understand:

  • the state of their finances
  • how successful a venture dealing in those assets has been
  • whether to accept a deal (a financial transaction, or some cooperative venture) involving those assets
  • (if the assets are stock in some company) how successful the company has been so far
Pricing externalities is not necessarily economically efficient
it assumes that the Pigouvian tax is set to $100,000 instead of the opportunity cost of the pollution (in this case $50,000)

How are you calculating "opportunity cost"? Is it simply the land use conversion cost ($50,000)?

Pricing externalities is not necessarily economically efficient

Posting because the title of this linkpost was a big surprise for me.

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