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It seemed much funnier at 730am.

I never leave!! You either end up mindlessly tinkering on nerdy helicopters or reading books on "Nuclear Strategic Framework". How about not making minimum payments every month on your credit card instead of reading ridiculous crap that won't help address your problems. I don't understand what keeps you away from numbers, I don't know how you're able to map my my STi's AFR without even opening Excel. You just get lucky.

You think my bookmaks are weird? I saved them in hopes you might venture onto one and realize the truth surrounding you. Those dc-8's are constantly dropping chemicals on top of you and you're too brainwashed to notice while 10 million other informed youtoobers in 6 grade are more informed than you. The internet is completely censored yet you endlessly search for your BS while noobs at the NSA headquarters are having a blast redirecting your pages.

And we always go to your house cause you're always studying or working on your car.

I'm feel silly that I didn't think of this technique on my own. It's always my facilities that my alternatives come over to. They get free beer, big TV's, fast internet...and they always save bookmarks on my laptop that seem rather strange. I'm not even sure where they go when they leave here, They always like to crack witty jokes about stuff I'm doing, but it's out of respect. When they start bickering among each other, it always ends up in everyone leaving.

You have an elegant ability to invoke an authentic congenital inner dialogue. I really do not have any experience with programming or coding, however the operation: ALTER INDEX emp_idx REBUILD PARALLEL;

is the only way I can get close to conveying what the epiphany I just experienced felt like.

I completed the survey.

Without an accompanying glossary, my formulation consistently lurked in the critical analysis of the question. At one point I laughed under my breath pondering which resource would rusticate alternative interpretations. A modern Attorney, or Socrates himself!