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Coronavirus Justified Practical Advice Summary

Have you read the report and is it worth $10 ?

Coronavirus Justified Practical Advice Summary

If a person doesn't have health insurance, then is now the time to sign up for temporary health insurance to avoid getting slammed in case you have to go to the emergency room in the future?

COVID-19's Household Secondary Attack Rate Is Unknown

Hey group house Berkeley people, what procedures are you guys setting up?

Coronavirus Justified Practical Advice Summary

The one potential downside of copper is that it may have reduced efficacy when cleaned multiple times using normal cleaning products.

In a study where copper surfaces were inoculated with bacteria in 1% solutions of albumin, dried, and subsequently cleaned with 70% ethanol or 1% sodium hypochlorite, there was a build-up of residues and a concomitant decrease in killing efficiency (1). On the other hand, it was reported that copper surfaces remained active when soiled (42). Also, it was found that there was no reduction in killing efficiency over 30 cycles of bacterial inoculation, followed by cleaning with a 1% nonionic detergent solution (M. Solioz and C. Molteni, unpublished observations).



A practical out-of-the-box solution to slow down COVID-19: Turn up the heat

The rate of change being exponential is an extremely important point. The original rate of spread in Wuhan was a doubling every 2 days. If we set another area follows the same rate, then the difference between 32 cases and 4096 cases is just waiting 2 weeks.

March Coronavirus Open Thread

Depends on what kind of bleach it is, but many chemicals commonly called bleaches are very strong. Hydrogen Peroxide is broad-spectrum and very effective.

March Coronavirus Open Thread

An accurate count of how many people are infected may be a highest priority. Since the virus has exponential growth, the difference between a known count of 10 infected vs 100 infected is massive in terms of policy decisions. Undercounting is extremely dangerous to the entire population.

This could change once the number of infected patients gets very high, but we may not have seen numbers high enough to justify that anywhere outside of China yet.

March Coronavirus Open Thread

https://www.journalofhospitalinfection.com/article/S0195-6701(20)30046-3/fulltext#sec3.1 lists a lot of different disinfectants.

3-4 is decent. 4+ is good.

Do you have any disinfectants at all?

March Coronavirus Open Thread

A downside of using copper may be that exposing it to disinfectants could lead to a decrease in its efficacy. Ethanol is listed specifically.

Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3067274/#r1

The claimed exception to this is "a 1% nonionic detergent solution".

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