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Is anyone interested in starting a small team (2-3 people) to work on this Kaggle dataset?

Is anyone interested in starting a small team (2-3 people) to work on this Kaggle dataset?

So are you going to actually explain why "freedom of speech" (not a negative right, but platform owners allowing users to post whatever they want) is a good thing?

Is there any reason to interpret the coefficient by itself, rather than relative to other coefficients of other areas/times? If you were comparing coefficients you would of course use the same real-adjusted currency. If you aren't comparing, I don't see the point of the coefficient nor the problem with it changing due to the income units used.

Can I subscribe via email?

Well that's why we have governments...

The optimal AC setting in terms of comfort is subjective. I don't see any reason to speculate beyond the simple fact that he was hot. I don't think anyone should care about "unnecessary uses of resources"- that's why we have markets.

I'm looking for an academic/science/technology enthusiast to cofound my new website with me.

Website is already built and nearing launch. I am looking for someone who can serve as an adviser and contribute directly to site content (I will explain the content in more detail to serious candidates). This will require knowing a lot about science, and a lot about how scientists think. He/she needs to be interested in new technologies and current events. From international affairs, economic policy, politics and ethical issues to cryptocurrency, biotech, physics and artificial intelligence- my ideal candidate will be a huge geek when it comes to these areas. I'm looking for an all around informed person who likes to research issues.

Ideally, you'll have experience in academia and/or science/tech.

I don't imagine this being a ton of work at first, it's just work that I need someone else to focus on. There will be equity. Message me if interested.

I think your denominator in your original equation is missing a second term. That is why you get a non-probability for your answer. See here:

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