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This gave me an idea: You could have a website where bidders upload a problem description, public and private data, an optimization goal (in the form of a solution-evaluation algorithm), and a bid like 'for a solution at least x good I pay y'. Takers can submit algorithms that produce solutions. They get run against the data with time and memory limit as specified by the bidder and if they match the solution quality the taker gets paid.

Is there something like this around?

Thanks, I appreciate it. It must be very difficult. Please don't lose your patience.

So will the maximally curious AI be curious about what would happen if you genetically modified all humans to become unicorns?

But it also provides incredibly easy interpretability, because these systems think in English.

I'm not sure this point will stand because it might be cheaper to have them think in their own language:

Mr ChatGPT, does my bum look too big in that dress?

Are you sure about the imcreased sustained attention among cocaine users? The abstract in your link seems to suggest the opposite.