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Yuli Ban is talking about the prediction and emergence of generative AIs, the extent to which those can disrupt humanities reliance on creativity and productivity.
He mentions  'the dead internet theory' that postulates that most content is autogenerated, obfuscating the actual people using the internet and reducing their actual exposure. 

I think we already see this in social media, internet forums and other areas where fake content and profiles are detected. and this can spread to youtube and short form video platforms, telemarketing and scams. as well as use by political groups and states.

Yuli also mentions the long term implications - peaking human population and the notion of Transhumanism 
where humans merge with an infinitely more capable AI which assumes control. he mentions how biology is a quality many would like to preserve, to varying degrees.

I would add: I predict that biology will be a status symbol in the coming decades.
 Pure bio elites would cooperate with heavily modified transhumans in order to secure the order of affairs in the world. 
with 90% of us somewhere in the middle between full bio and state of the art enhancement.
digital humans and robocontent might also plat a significant role.
the metaverse appears like an attempt to pre-empt this scenario by corporates.

Lastly : it's probably up to us to decide what aspects of human talent do we respect (as we do in sport)
and what aspects do we do away with. 
will humans live life according to medieval competetive norms, with emulated kings, champions, courtship , or will we live in a 'happy box' resembling ideal paleolithic conditions, without math, arts, language : a garden of eden of sorts, or hgwells eloi?

*I'm a human writing this on my own.