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Actually it would be interesting to have a systematic way to pledge.

It would be a great way to incentivize actions and research in a domain. I am thinking of a system like petition or reverse crowdfunding. Maybe it could be easier enforced by smart contracts, without the need for a central authority in which in the trust would need to resign.

If you already know a system like this or if you have any idea on how to design solutions for the first problems I encountered by thinking about it for two minutes, please don't hesitate to give me your input.

Suppose you were talking to a young child, who produced an incorrect answer to some question. Afterwards they’d talk to their parent who explained the right answer. The next day when you asked them the same question, they’d answer correctly.

I think it depends on the generalization. If you ask the exact same question, you cannot test if the children was able to acquire prior knowledge that would make sure they understood why the answer. Also, reformulating the answer might not suffice because we know that an algorithm like GPT-3 is already very good at this task. I think you would need to create a different question that requires a similar prior knowledge to be answered.