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Any advice for a rowing schedule? I picked up the sport three months ago and I've been doing 30 minute sessions at the upper limit of my Zone 2. Basically I slow down if I go above 150 bpm and ramp up when I go below 145 bpm.

I've been reading about doing some higher intensity intervals, but I've mostly focused on having good form for now.

One way of generating camaraderie that seems very obvious to me and I don't see it explicit in the article is... war. It has happened times and times again during history. And also, I've been able to see it in my Ukrainian friends, though less so with my Russian friends (but that is expected based on the bubble in which I live).

If you are in the Apple ecosystem, I can recommend Day One. My oldest entry is nine years ago and I've been very happy with them.

If you are on a Mac, a good alternative that I recommend for this use case is Flotato. I run a calorie tracker web app and as you said, it is so much better to isolate a specific app from the browser. The added advantage is that Flotato runs the Safari engine, so you don't get the battery drain from a Chrome instance.

I'm sorry Zvi, but I've now realized that you are running on a subdomain. You won't be able to use Cloudflare, unless you upgrade to the Wordpress business plan (£20 a month) so that you can install plugins.

I don't have any simple and effective ideas for what you could do, other than putting a call to action for somebody who has more Wordpress experience to help you migrate to a more sustainable setup.

I checked and all the images are hosted on which is a subdomain that Google uses to hold third party content. The images are probably getting rate limited, as the system serving them was designed to prioritize Google content and not user generated. The practice is usually called hotlinking and that's why the server started to rate limit. I recommend that you try and host the images on your own Wordpress. Otherwise, maybe throwing Cloudflare in front of your site as a caching layer might be an easier solution.

(Disclaimer: I work for Google as an engineer, but I'm very far away from this system.)