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I find when I eat lots of fruit, the fruit starts to taste outrageously sweet, which make foods with refined sugar seem very unappetising. For example, this would happen after eating an apple, banana and an orange in succession.

I like your ideas but I don’t think you can’t rule out the possibility of us being in the illusion of a mind. If we are one consciousness separated into fragments it follows that the world would be consistent. I like Tom Campbells big theory of everything.

Also, a separate point is that there are minority of people who experience very illogical happenings who do seem to see beyond the veil of reality. You won’t meet them as much in normal society. I had to stop my meditation practice when things (eg mounting synchronicities) got too strange and I began to find it hard to relate to people.

If you assume that the human "soul" mass cannot be increased over time, does this problem make more sense? Population increase just causes an increase in the proportion of NPC's, while discoveries require something transcendental.