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Does religion help cure insanity?

Hi Ritalin (and everyone else as this is my first response).

My own personal opinion on this would be that your are grouping a person with "x" type insanity with a group of people that suffer from a mass version of "y" type insanity. My apologies if I offend here, but religion in particular, if it were performed by one person, would be considered insane. We only view it as not insane because so many people do it. So what is happening here is you are putting someone that is already suffering from some type of insanity into a room of people speaking with an invisible person somewhere while dancing around, eating, socializing, and generally bonding to that group. Also consider that religious groups will accept most anyone to their flocks, as it allows them to increase their size. So now, even this person with his/her insanities is accepted amongst the group as a brother or sister. Not trying to traverse over much, but I think it would follow that the person would more than likely show some progress. Although, you have to wonder if that type of progress is necessarily a good type of progress.