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Helium Balloon

Hot air balloon



A solid and powerful throw

A very bouncy ball

A bird wearing a spacesuit

A missile

A very tall and bouncy trampoline

A diving board with rocket propellers

A giraffe with genes only useful in long necks


A helicopter

A plane

A massive anti-gravity simulator 

A giant robot with piston arms

A very tall building 

An elevator

A paper folded x number of times

A long crane

An object propelled by an atomic explosion

A roller coaster 

A wind seeker that launches you at a very high speed

A windmill 

A ladder

An uphill river

A mountain compressed into a vertical line

A hologram 

A mirror reflecting an object

A gravitational pull grabbing the earth and colliding it with the moon

A shooting star

A laser

A superhero

An escalator

A massive tree

A bird sled

A baseball bat hitting it

A slapshot (hockey)

A javelin

An arrow

A human web with a foundation strong enough to push someone to the moon

A rope throw

A fishing rod and line

A jumpy shoe

A gun

A tornado

A magnet that repels another magnet far enough to send it to the moon

A wave pushing something high

A grasshopper that never skipped leg day

An elephant tusk launching something

"if a solution to someone's problem looks obvious, assume it isn't and try to understand why." This struck me pretty hard. I was wondering though, how effective this is.  How much has it improved your listening skills and maybe even your empathy? I find that it could also be counterintuitive - how much has it made you overthink?