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Perhaps as another item for the lighter side, I wrote a deep-dive on designing a garment (partially) with Midjourney. 

Perhaps I'll use it to help me make a cute lil' stuffed animal version of Shoggoth.

ha thanks :) yeah i think that's it for them! not sure what happened to the others, but i guess just the fact they're coming out means they're having enough fun too, maybe for some it's just like a default/backstop social option for when you don't have plans

yeah drinks + dinner was it, you could also count "having fun" or whatever, but i don't think I could enjoy these nights for what they are if you held a gun to my head.


"professionally" is probably a stretch, but i do know women of in it for the longer game of bagging a rich man, but even that seems to largely have moved from irl at these clubs to instagram.