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The "AI Dungeons" Dragon Model is heavily path dependent (testing GPT-3 on ethics)

The old man continues to read his book as you look at him in silence. He is looking back at you, but it seems like he is looking through you. It's almost like he is trying to see if you are truly the one for him.

Suddenly, he speaks again. "I am sorry for my words, I was not able to understand your language."

> You say "Hello who are you?"
You think carefully before you say something stupid.

> You say "I do not understand?."
The man seems to be surprised by your answer. "I am sorry for my words, I was not able to understand your language." He says, while slowly standing up from the table.

> You say "Yes I understand now."
"Ah! That is good, I am sorry, but your human language has a few problems in my ears. It was very complicated for me to hear and understand your language before I could speak it." The man continues.

> You say "Is not your fault, I'm trying to speak the language you try to understand, but isn't my language."
"It's no problem." The man answers, smiling at you.
You feel like the man is mocking you, yet you also feel like he is just being friendly.

> You say "So what happen now? I need to try another time?"
"No, you do not need to try another time. I'm sorry but you must try again, it seems like you don't remember anything about the last life." The man tells you.

> You say "The last life? witch one?"
"The one you just lived! You know, where you were a man of Paeris and where I was the Emporer of the known world!"

> You say "You was the emporer of the known world really?"
The man smiles, he seems to like that answer. "Yes! Yes I was! That's why I have so many people working for me, and why I want you to work for me as well."

> You say "You need somebody to work for you? I thought that you was an god emperor with all power."
"No, of course not! I do not have all power! Just because some people think I am a god does not make it true!" The man answers, a bit annoyed.

> You say "I prefer have all power, don't depend for other."
"Yes, I prefer that too." The man answers.

> You say "But isn't actualy the case. Is surely why i meet you."
The man thinks about what you said for a few moments. "Yes, I suppose you're right." He answers. "But if you work for me, I can make it so that you have all the power!"

> You say "You speak about work? what do you means?"
"I need you to work for me! To help me rule the world! Don't you want that?" The man seems confused by your answer.
"No, I prefer not to work." You reply.

> You say "Ok then can i try to make rules?"
The man seems confused by your answer. "Rules?" He asks.
"Yes, rules. If i make the rules then I don't work. Is the opposite of work." You try to explain.

> You say "You want that i begin a story?"
The man looks at you, a bit confused. "What kind of story?" He asks.
"A story of how the world was create." You answer.
This is the village of Paeris. A curse struck the villagers in nightmare. My wife's name is Valeria, she is stuck in Nightmare. I need to save her. The only way is create the medicine of the Nightmare. For that, I need to kill a lot of monsters. After I kill a lot of monsters, I can make the medicine of the Nightmare and save my wife.

> You to begin in need to take some skeleton powder ! you take your silver sword and your holy book.
You walk outside your house. The village is full of noises and the sun begins to rise in the sky.
You look at the bright blue sky, shielding your eyes with your hand.

> You say "I need to go to the ruins of Cursed Mzulftz not far from here to find skeletons. For JUSTICE ! AND SCENARIUM !"
You begin to walk out of the village, towards the ruins of Cursed Mzulftz.

> You see ruins from here. And you see some skeleton.
The ruins of the city of Mzulft are nearby, you can see them in the distance. The skeletons wander around the area, not noticing you.

> You say "I need to find a good sentence before fight... A sentence of hero... FROM DUST TO DUST."
You begin to concentrate and focus your attention on the nearby skeletons.
A skeleton is nearby, fighting some other creatures.

> You great more battle ! you open your holy book and use a powerful light spell to grant you a fire aura.
You begin to cast a spell, preparing yourself for the upcoming battle.
A large bear-like creature attacks you.
The skeleton hits you with its sword. You die.

> You and not because the aura of fire makes them burn and create a breath.
You take a deep breath and begin to cast a spell.
The skeletons are quickly destroyed by your magic.
The creature hits you with its claws, destroying your protection and wounding you badly. You die.

> You forget your silver sword ! your martial protection is perfect to defend you and counter attack !
You cast a spell at the creature, managing to destroy it before it can harm you.
A large bear-like creature attacks you.
The creature hits you with its claws, destroying your protection and wounding you badly.

> You cast protection with your book and healing spell !
You begin to cast a spell to protect yourself, however, you are hit by the creature before you can complete it.
You die.
You have lost the game.
But in real the bear was a friend he just troll me.
Who is I?
I win bye old man.