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Three wishes for improvement (don't know how easily done on Typepad, if at all)

1) In addition to feeds available now, an RSS or Atom feed that includes all posts and all comments to them

2) disable comment pagination

3) ability to edit comments for a short while after publishing them

Whoops, USD 10^13 , of course.

(0) Ask people smarter and more familiar with the subjects than myself on how I should approach these things.

With the exception of "(5) Minimum necessary charity not to be a pariah." pretty much the same as HA, but in addition to that and more specifically:(I'd hire people to start doing listed things simultaneously, so not really in order)

(8) contact various AI, nanotech and life extension organizations and people in order to start negotiations on how much money should be given and to whom(a very important aspect of this being of course not to give anything to people likely to spend it dangerously, which I currently think includes AI organizations and people that don't have ensuring Frienliness as their prime concern.)

(9) initiate healthcare, agriculture and education improvement programs especially in the third world

(10) declare large bounties to certain technological improvements in areas such as energy, healtcare, communications, etc.

(11) initiate programs to bootstrap various industries around the third world with a focus on helping people be more productive and help themselves. Stuff like Muhammad Yunus does, but on a larger scale.

(12) maximize the possibility that in the event of my death as little of the money as possible could be taken off of these projects.

(13) found startups to do interesting projects.

(14) drop out of university, quit day job, party for a while and while not overseeing these projects, resume studying what I find most important and interesting and hire people to help in that.

USD 10^16 is a lot, but some of these projects are rather expensive so and important part would be to solicit other individuals, organizations and states to participate in funding them, e.g. with matching grants.