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T: "Gah, I really need to write this up as a blog post. Giving an example that I'm not really into at the moment seems kind of bad. But ok, so, [[goes on a rambling five-minute monologue that starts bored and boring, until visibly excited about some random thing like the origin of writing or the implausibility of animals with toxic flesh evolving or emergent modularity enabled by gene regulatory networks or the revision theory of truth or something; see the appendix for examples]]"

Still reading the rest of this.


"Playful Thinking" (Curiosity driven exploration) may be serendipitous for other stuff you're doing, but there isn't a guarantee. Pursuing it because you want to might help you learn things. Overall it is (or can be) one of the ways you take care of yourself.

A focus only on value which is measurable in one way can miss important things. That doesn't mean that way should be ignored, but by taking more ways into account, you might get a more complete picture. If in the future we have better ways of measuring important things, and you want to work on that, maybe that could make a big difference.


Overall, 'I have to be able to justify why I'm working on this' seems like the wrong approach. This is definitely the case for how you spend ALL of your time. This becoming the default isn't justified. ('Your desire to learn will help you learn.' 'That sounds inefficient.' 'What?')

It might be a browser compatibility issue?

This should be spoilered. I typed it, and didn't copy paste it. 

This seems like it might be useful to post to that subreddit.

What are people using to load and analyze the data?

Is your writing online anywhere?

As a speaker of a native language that has only genderneutral pronouns and no gendered ones, I often stumble and misgender people out of disregard of that info because that is just not how referring works in my brain. I suspect that natives don't have this property and the self-reports are about them.

What language is this?

It reminds me of a move made in a lawsuit.

But you said that I should use orange juice as a replacement because it's similarly sweet.

Does ChatGPT think tequila is sweet, orange juice is bitter...or is it just trying to sell you drinks?*

tequila has a relatively low alcohol content

Relative to what ChatGPT drinks no doubt.

And tequila doesn’t have any sugar at all.

*Peer pressure you into it drinking it maybe.

At best this might describe some drinks that have tequila in them. Does it know the difference between "tequila" and "drinks with tequila"?


Does ChatGPT not differentiate between sweet and sugar, or is ChatGPT just an online bot that improvises everything, and gaslights you when it's called on it? It keeps insisting:

..."I was simply pointing out that both orange juice and tequila can help to balance out the flavors of the other ingredients in the drink, and that both can add a nice level of sweetness to the finished beverage."...

Does someone want to try the two recipes out and compare them?

these success stories seem to boil down to just buying time, which is a good deal less impressive.

The counterpart to 'faster vaccination approval' is 'buying time' though. (Whether or not it ends up being well used, it is good at the time. The other reason to focus on it is - how much can you affect pool testing versus vaccination approval speed? Other stuff like improving statistical techniques might be easier for a lot of people than changing a specific organization.

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