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But we want them to be sentient. These things are going to be our cultural successors. We want to be able to enjoy their company. We don't want to pass the torch on to something that isn't sentient. If we were to build a nonsentient one, assuming such a thing is even possible, one of the first t...(read more)

"by the time the AI is smart enough to do that, it will be smart enough not to"

I still don't quite grasp why this isn't an adequate answer. If an FAI shares our CEV, it won't want to simulate zillions of conscious people in order to put them through great torture, and it will figure out how to av...(read more)

Posting much too late, but about the Emperor's New Clothes: I had always interpreted the story to mean not that people stopped believing in the clothes when the little boy spoke out, but that it hadn't quite crossed people's minds until that moment that whether or not the King was clothed, he appear...(read more)

Very recently experienced exactly this phenomenon: someone discussing atheists who think "all religion/religious stuff is bad" to the inclusion of, for example, the music of Bach, or drinking and celebrating at Christmas. They seemed convinced that such atheists exist, and I doubt it, or at least I...(read more)

I can't believe the discussion has got this far and no-one has mentioned The Land of Infinite Fun.

There is room to do vastly better than what is usually used for community content finding, and it's a great mystery to me how little explored this area is. If things have moved forward significantly since Raph Levien's work on attack resistant trust metrics, I haven't heard about it.

Good software...(read more)

There's a whole world of atheist blogging and writing out there that might also be worth tapping into for advice from others who've been there. See <a href="">this collection of deconversion stories</a...(read more)

Possession of a single Eye is said to make the bearer equivalent to royalty.

I approve.

Crossman: there's a third argument, which is that even if the consequences of keeping the secret are overall worse than those of betraying the confidence even after the effect you discuss, turning yourself into someone who will never betray these secrets no matter what the consequences and advertis...(read more)