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I appreciate Aubrey de Grey's willingness to make a quantitative prediction of when actuarial escape velocity may be reached, along with an emphasis of the likely variance accompanied by his prediction.

So, Eliezer... have you devised any stock predictions for the media regarding the time until AI breakthroughs? I'm sure everyone would love to hear them, lest we naturally conclude that an intelligence explosion will occur tomorrow or never.

[I accidentally posted this on the previous thread and am shamelessly reposting here in case someone on the fence would have missed it.]

I signed up for cryonics with Alcor last summer after learning of it in the spring and doing extensive research. I am a college student in my early twenties, and the combined fee for my $250,000 level term life insurance policy and cryonics membership is EASILY affordable: $40 monthly.

I don't plan on dying any time soon, but I have peace of mind knowing that I got a good deal on insurance while healthy and that I am not procrastinating on a potentially life-and-death decision. I consider cryonics arrangements be an excellent investment even if there is only a 0.1% chance of success.

I urge anyone dragging their feet because of financial concerns to at least research it enough to estimate the cost if you were to sign up today. You may find that working part-time for minimum wage would not exclude you!

Nazir, must there be atheists in order for you to believe in a god? The "identity" of those who believe that the world is round does not depend on others believing that the world is flat, or vice versa. Truth does not require disagreement.

Thank you for this post, Eliezer. I must painfully question my belief that a positive Singularity is likely to occur in the foreseeable future.

I should be able to join the group on Saturday as well. Standing by for location.

I should be able to join the group on Saturday as well. Standing by for location.