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Did you ever come up with a response to the point that the Goblet was in Hogwarts for a few centuries after Baba Yaga, before being warehoused at Beauxbatons? If the curse was in effect all that time, it would have been mentioned.

Really late reply, but: the prophecy was made before Harry was born; Voldemort and Dumbledore found out about it at roughly the same time (almost immediately); and the attack came when Harry was fifteen months old. They knew about the prophecy while they were in hiding.

Do you not care about humans you can't get along with?

Do we have an example of Finite being used to cancel anything other than transfigurations or first-year level spells (Somnium)?

It's not unique, and Dumbledore did bring it up, actually:

>"*How can you not believe it*? " said the Headmaster, looking completely flabbergasted. "*Harry, you're a wizard! You've seen ghosts*! "

>"Ghosts," Harry said, his voice flat. "You mean those things like portraits, stored memories and beh...(read more)

I read that as being an excuse for the differences between Harry's Cloak and the one Neville's familiar with.

Whoops, looks like you're right, the accusation was public knowledge:

Father's own allies didn't believe him after Dumbledore just denied everything in public

Amelia Bones *isn't* a member of the Order of the Phoenix.

>Emmeline wasn't a member of the Order of the Phoenix any more, they had disbanded after the end of the last war. And during the war, she'd known, they'd all known, that Director Crouch had quietly approved of their off-the-books battle.

>...(read more)