My name is Pedro Ivan Lopez. I’m a software engineer. I hold a Master’s degree in Information Engineering. I live in SF Bay Area.


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RE Alcor Lifetime Membership. Is it worth it? Is anyone here a lifetime member? Why or why not?

I haven't found prices yet, but compared to annual regular membership, lifetime is likely to be considerably more expensive.

Benefits, per Alcor docs

  1. All benefits of a Regular Membership;
  2. Protection against increases in dues over Member’s natural lifetime;
  3. The option to become a Lifetime Cryopreservation Member of Alcor; and
  4. Potential Tax Benefits (Member should consult with their Certified PublicAccount or other Tax Professional regarding any such benefits).


What death benefit did you sign up with?

You stated that you preferred overfunding neuro but I didn't see if you wrote the coverage amount in your IUL policy.

Thanks for writing this great sequence!