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Trans-temporal recall

Trans-temporal recog

Sister abilities which allow one to tap into the power of trans-temporal retention.

Also, I'd say the "Ultimate Power" is more a class of powers than a particular power in and of itself.

As to "the power that cannot be removed without removing you"... I'm not sure what that's supposed to mean. You think psychological consciousness is necessary for intelligence?

There is no actual "you" in the way that it seems to be. A persistent thought pattern / meme complex got mistaken for a "you" by awareness and, sooner or later, awareness can see through the "you", which is a tremendous relief when it occurs.

As Einstein put it. . .

As Julian Jaynes put it:

"...this space of consciousness inside our own heads. We also assume it is there in others'. In talking with a friend, maintaining periodic eye-to-eye contact, we are always assuming a space behind our companion's eyes into which we are talking, similar to the space we imagine inside our own heads where we are talking from.

And this is the very heartbeat of the matter. For we all know perfectly well that there is no such space inside anyone's head at all! There is nothing inside my head or yours except a physiological tissue of one sort or another. And the fact that it is predominantly neurological tissue is irrelevant."

It seems unfair that you should be allowed to reply to particular comments, en masse, using a dedicated post to do so - while the rest of us must observe the 1 comment at a time never more than 3 in the recent list rule. Not to mention it has the effect of draping your opinion in authority, which is totally undue.

If I wanted to use an OB post to reply to 18 different comments that have been made over the past week, would you guys let me?

Your sense of morality is so wayward.

Question - would you lie in order to win the AI box experiment?