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"You are, whether you like it or not, engaged in memetic warfare - and recent events/information make me think this battle isn't being given proper thought"

I'd like to chime in on the psychological aspects of such a warfare. I suggest that a heroic mindset will be helpful in mustering courage, hope and tenacity in fighting this cultural battle. In the following I will sketch out both a closer view of the heroic mindset, as well as a methodology for achieving it. 

A) On the heroic mindset
Heroism is arguably "altruistic risk, resilience, and fundamental respect for humanity". One could see it as part of manliness, but one could also have gender-inclusive versions of heroism, for example the rationalist hero, as per Eliezer Yudkowsky's reference to The World of Null-A-science fiction-series. The key aspect for me is that the hero is willing to take initiative, to take a stand, is courageous, fights the good cause, doesn't become cynical, isn't a coward - and many other good qualities.


B) On achieving the heroic mindset
The Oxford Character project focuses on developing virtue, and has summarized some key findings here. One of the strategies for character development mentioned is "engagement with virtuous exemplars". In other words: imitating or taking on other people as role models - perhaps even identifying with the role model. Linda Zagzebski - who has written on virtue epistemology - has also written a book on this type of virtue development called "Exemplarist Moral Theory". Recommended. 

I believe that if we find some good role-models, for example the Null-A heroes, or others like Nelson Mandela, Winston Churchill, or Eleanor Roosevelt, we can identify with them, and thereby access our own resources. One practical way of going about this is through Todd Herman's The Alter Ego Effect: The Power of Secret Identities to Transform Your Life. [2019]. We basically take on a heroic identity, and go through our day from that frame of reference. This can be majorly empowering.

In summary, the key to taking on a heroic mindset lies in shifting one's identity to a heroic identity. And we can do that in practice through Zagzebski's or perhaps even more hands-on: through Todd Herman's work. 

By doing this, we might gain more fighting spirit and willingness to try to be actors and movers, not just "understanders" of this world and this situation.