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Nice. One thing: initially I couldn't figure out how to read this because I didn't see the key at the top. I think the key is a bit too easy to miss if you are zooming in to look at the image on mobile. Maybe make it more prominent?


Thanks for the heads up. Each of those code blocks is being treated separately, so the placeholder is repeated several times. We'll release a fix for this next week.

Usually the text inside codeblocks is not suitable for narration. This is a case where ideally we would narrate them. We'll have a think about ways to detect this.


I replaced it because it seemed like a less useful format.

  • Azure TTS cost per million characters = $16
  • Elevenlabs TTS cost per million characters = $180

1 million characters is roughly 200,000 words.

One hour of audio is roughly 9000 words.


Thanks! We're currently using Azure TTS. Our plan is to review every couple months and update to use better voices when they become available on Azure or elsewhere. Elevenlabs is a good candidate but unfortunately they're ~10x more expensive per hour of narration than Azure ($10 vs $1).


Thanks! We do have feature (2)—we remember whatever playback speed you last set. If you're not seeing this, please let me know what browser you're using.


Yep, if the pilot goes well then I imagine we'll do all the >100 karma posts, or something like that.

We'll add narrations for all >100 karma posts on the EA Forum later this month.


It sounds like your story is similar to the one that Bernard Williams would tell.

Williams was in critical dialog with Peter Singer and Derek Parfit for much of his career.

This lead to a book: Philosophy as a Humanistic Discipline.

If you're curious:

Answer by PeterH50

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