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$1000 bounty for OpenAI to show whether GPT3 was "deliberately" pretending to be stupider than it is

With the right prompt, I get the following results for a few examples I tried (first attempts, no cherry-picking).

Input: ( ) ( ( ) )

Output: Balanced

Input: ( ) ( ( )

Output: Unbalanced

Input: ) (

Output: Unbalanced

Input: ( ) ( ) ( )

Output: Balanced

So it is definitely able to learn balancing a small number of parentheses.

Fairness in machine learning decisions

Looks like a solid improvement over what’s being used in the paper. Does it introduce any new optimization difficulties?

Sphere packing and logical uncertainty

The number 0.0000000000000000000000000001 does not tell me much. Numbers in high dimensions are tricky. For example, the volume of a unit sphere decays exponentially with dimension. A unit sphere in dimension 24 has very little volume.

Geometric Bayesian Update

Agreed. The diagram strongly suggests that they do sum to one, so this geometrical method is more confusing than helpful.

Common Misconceptions about Dual Process Theories of Human Reasoning

Are these misconceptions really common? I thought Kahneman was pretty clear on this in Thinking, Fast and Slow.

After Go, what games should be next for DeepMind?

It is not a good proxy. Deepmind is a small team and there are many more teams within Alphabet doing machine learning. Remember that the market cap of Goog is $500 billion. (Although if one wants to invest in AI in general I think it is a cheap stock)

Learning Mathematics in Context

I'm convinced that humans must spike their blood sugar and/or pump their body full of stimulants such as caffeine in order to get past the natural tendency to find it unbearably dull to memorize words and syntax by rote and lifeless connection with the structures in their native language.

Just a comment: This is certainly not true for every human. Some people really enjoy that.

Voiceofra is banned

I actually think it would work pretty well. The banned user sees all of their contributions and any IP used by the banned user also sees their contributions. All other users and IPs do not see it.

Voiceofra is banned

I think it is better if banning decisions are not made public, even (especially) to the banned user.

The banned user should not notice anything, but their posts, messages, and votes do not appear to anyone else.

[Link]Rationalization is Superior to Rationality

This exact topic comes up in the discussion you linked to – towards the end under “The difference between Eliezer and Nassim Taleb.” (not a descriptive caption)

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