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Consider sharing more details at the Lean Zulip chat - they enjoy hearing about unformalized areas.

  • I've been trying to become better at focusing less on answering what people say, and more at addressing the reason they are saying it. I realized I can focus on the felt-sense of the conversation to better accomplish this.
  • I've been reading a long fiction book in which the narrator spends a lot of time associating particular emotions to particular places. I feel that now I can express this better by saying that "the narrator is building the felt-sense of each place"
  • I was reading a CS paper, and it was easy to over-focus on the formalism instead of focusing on the big picture. By telling myself to look at felt-sense of the paper, it became clearer what the paper was trying to do.

Hopefully, after I'm done, you [...] will have difficulty understanding how you ever got by without this concept.

I was a bit skeptical of this part. 24 hours later and having felt-sense pop up in my thoughts like 20 times today, I am pleasantly surprised by how useful the concept is.

Thanks for writing this up!