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This interesting article omits one important factor that has a strong bearing on status interactions. I'm referring to self-esteem. for example, if I'm at a party and find one of the women incredibly attractive, my natural tendency is to ignore her because as much as I'd like her attention, it seems like such a long shot to even get eye contact, that I automatically assess the whole thing as not worth the energy or time.

I wish the book were a parody but it fits my own experience too well. I've been a consultant and therefore experienced a larger number of corporations that someone who has held jobs. it's been variable, with some years up to 10 client corporations in the same year. large and small.

I think your ideas of comparison books are good because there is a lot of distaste for government of any kind running through the culture now.

i agree with you. You've identified the problem. Now we need a solution.

The most amazing thing about this book is its accuracy. The quotes in the book are ones I've heard living, breathing humans say, as if these were their own original thinking. It's disturbing how often this happens without any realization by the speaker of the amoral implications of the statement. I'm still working through this book, but it's helped me to become less judgmental and more realistic about corporations, and why so little consideration is given to the larger effects of corporate actions.