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I would like to make a recommendation to Johannes that he should try to write and post content in a way that invokes less feelings of cringe in people. I know it does invoke that because I personally feel cringe.

Still, I think that there isn’t much objectively bad about this post. I’m not saying the post is very good or convincing. I think its style is super weird but that should be considered to be okay in this community. These thoughts remind me of something Scott Alexander once wrote - that sometimes he hears someone say true but low status things - and his automatic thoughts are about how the person must be stupid to say something like that, and he has to consciously remind himself that what was said is actually true.

Also, all these thoughts about this social reality sadden me a little - why oh why is AI safety such a status-concerned and “serious business” area nowadays?

I've been learning to play diatonic harmonica for the last 2 years. This is my first instrument and I can confirm that learning an instrument (and music theory) is a lot of fun and it has also taught me some new things about how to learn things in general.


Unless I don’t recognize the sounds. It’s like asking me to beatbox the last 5 seconds of the gurgling of a nearby river. How the fudge would I do that?

Wait, are there people who can do that?

I think that's pretty easy :)


I think this last edit is bad.

Is there any "native" textbook that is pragmatic and explains how to use bayesian in practice (perhaps in some narrow domain)?

Did the model randomly stumble upon this strategy? Or was there an idea pitched by the language model, something like "hey, what if we try to hallucinate and maybe we can hack the game that way"?

Are you able to play sounds using other programs (e.g. open a YouTube video in the background) while getting great latency in reaper or in something similar to reaper?

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