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What have your romantic experiences with non-EAs/non-Rationalists been like?


I can do the following to check if the train's length is a divisor of . Remember the state of the lightbulb in the current carriage, then go carriages forward and check if the state of the light is the same as remembered. If not, the train's length is not a divisor of . Otherwise, flip the light switch and go backwards carriages, check the light. If it's the same as remembered, the train's length is not a divisor of , otherwise it's a divisor of .

The overall algorithm is, for each from to infinity, perform the above steps and stop as soon as you encounter the first such that the train's length is a divisor of . This will be the train's length.

Which song do you think is perfect? Why?

Somehow I love a lot of songs from a few radiostations of SomaFM radiostations:

  • Groove Salad - "A nicely chilled plate of ambient/downtempo beats and grooves."
  • Illinois Street Lounge - "Classic bachelor pad, playful exotica and vintage music of tomorrow."
  • Christmas Lounge - "Chilled holiday grooves and classic winter lounge tracks. (Kid and Parent safe!)"

I frequently listen to these and download songs I hear there.

Apply to the ML for Alignment Bootcamp (MLAB) in Berkeley [Jan 3 - Jan 22]

Sure, I understand, no hard feelings.

so if anyone is in this situation, they could still apply for future cohorts.

Do you mean that if one would like to go to such a bootcamp but thinks they won't be able to get visa in time, they should apply now to get invited to a future cohort? Or should they apply later when you actually announce those future cohorts?

Apply to the ML for Alignment Bootcamp (MLAB) in Berkeley [Jan 3 - Jan 22]

Being a Russian citizen, if I were to apply for the bootcamp (I am not) and I started applying for a US visa on november 22nd, I would probably not get it in time to attend. Probably, the situation is the same for a large part of the third world. Thus, it would be nice if you announced this earlier and made the application deadline earlier.

Open & Welcome Thread November 2021

I haven't had any practice in reading sheet music in like 3 years, and even then I was a novice and was quite slow at it. And I've never tried transcribing music in sheet form but I think I can, especially given a tuner, although it'll take long.

Open & Welcome Thread November 2021

I am looking for software which will help me learn to sing a song I want to sing. I have extracted its vocal track as an mp3 file. I want to sing it in the same frequencies it's sung in the vocal track, or perhaps one or two octaves lower. I want a program which will help me do that. I imagine a program would load the mp3 file, then I would tell it that I want to sing one octave lower, and it would, in real time, draw me a graph of the frequencies I am singing together with the frequencies in the mp3 file. I imagine something like this - the frequencies I am supposed to sing in red, my actual frequencies in yellow. Operating systems suitable for me are Linux, Ipad OS, and Android. If instead of loading an mp3 file into the program I'll have to transcribe the music to sheets myself, that's worse but perhaps still ok. If you don't know such a program but know something else I can use to achieve my goal, do tell.

The Best Software For Every Need

I have a pretty good competitor - Here's how they compare:

  • Excalidraw - is more polished.
  • Tableau Noir - supports LaTeX formulas. It's weird in that it requires a few additional key presses: (1) make a text field; (2) write a formula enclosed in single dollar signs; (3) with the cursor anywhere in the text field, press enter, then backspace (this step is silly, but otherwise it doesn't work); (4) press Esc.
  • Tableau Noir - has an eraser.
  • Tableau Noir - you can insert pages from pdf documents.
  • Both - no registration, no bullshit.
  • Both - work alright on ipad in the browser, although I have tried both only briefly.
My experience at and around MIRI and CFAR (inspired by Zoe Curzi's writeup of experiences at Leverage)

That would make them more vulnerable to claims that they use organizational mind control on their employees, and at the same time make it more likely that they would actually use it.

My experience at and around MIRI and CFAR (inspired by Zoe Curzi's writeup of experiences at Leverage)

To my understanding, since the time when the events described in the OP took place, MIRI and CFAR have been very close and getting closer and closer. As far as I see it, nowadays CFAR is about 60% a hiring ground for MIRI and only 40% something else, though I could be wrong. Since you're one of the leaders of CFAR, that makes you one of the leading people behind all those things the OP is critical of.

The OP even writes that she thought and thinks CFAR was corrupt in 2017:

Both these cases are associated with a subgroup splitting off of the CFAR-centric rationality community due to its perceived corruption, centered around Ziz. (I also thought CFAR was pretty corrupt at the time, and I also attempted to split off another group when attempts at communication with CFAR failed; I don't think this judgment was in error, though many of the following actions were; ...)

Here she mentions Ziz also thinking that CFAR was corrupt, and I remember that in her blog, Ziz thought you being in the center of said corruption.

So, how all is this compatible with you agreeing with the OP?

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