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Can you formulate the theorem statement in a precise and self-sufficient way that is usually used in textbooks and papers so that a reader can understand it just by reading it and looking up the used definitions?

I have a kinda-unrelated question. Does Bill Gates write gatesnotes completely himself just because he wants? Or is this a marketing/pr thing and is written by other people? If it's the former, then I want to read it. If it's the latter, I don't.

Do you mean "What do you want me to do" in the tone of voice that means "There's nothing to do here, bugger off"? Or do you mean "What do you want me to do?" in the tone of voice that means "I'm ready to help with this. What should I do to remedy the problem?"?

I have recently read The Little Typer by Friedman and Christiansen. I suspect that this book can serve as an introduction similarly to this (planned, so far) sequence of posts. However, the book is not concise at all.

Are those instructions for making a Molotov cocktail and for hotwiring a car real? They look like something someone who's only seen it done in movies would do. Same question for methamphetamine, except that recipe looks more plausible.

Thanks for writing this update! I think your English skills have improved a lot.

I've just read your previous two posts. I, too, will be interested to read another post of yours.

I am (was) an X% researcher, where X<Y. I wish I had given up on AI safety earlier. I suspect it would've been better for me if AI safety resources explicitly said things like "if you're less than Y, don't even try", although I'm not sure if I would've believed them. Now, I'm glad that I'm not trying to do AI safety anymore and instead I just work at a well paying relaxed job doing practical machine learning. So, I think pushing too many EAs into AI safety will lead to those EAs suffering much more, which happened to me, so I don't want that to happen and I don't want the AI Alignment community to stop saying "You should stay if and only if you're better than Y".

Actually, I wish there were more selfish-oriented resources for AI Alignment. Like, with normal universities and jobs, people analyze how to get into them, have a fulfilling career, earn good money, not burn out, etc. As a result, people can read this and properly analyze if it makes sense for them to try to get into jobs or universities for their own food. But with a career in AI safety, this is not the case. All the resources look out not only for the reader, but also for the whole EA project. I think this can easily burn people.

I still take these zinc lozenges when I suspect that I might fall with a common cold. I feel like they help me somewhat. Maybe my colds have been shorter since I've started taking Zinc but I'm not sure. I haven't been tracking any data explicitly. I guess I'm gonna be taking Zinc for common cold as long as I don't get further evidence about it not working.

Perhaps you can just use the international phonetic alphabet?

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