A Retrospective Look at the Guild of Servants: Alpha Phase

You abused passive voice too much. In the following examples, you made it unclear who suggested these ideas and whether the guild council agrees with them and plans to implement them.

For the Beta Phase, it is recommended that the Guild leadership structure be reorganized such that each Guild Council member is assigned a specific administrative role, and that participation and contribution be compensated either monetarily or with ownership equity.

It was recommended that all courses begin with a questionnaire to determine each student’s background knowledge and competency in the course domain.

It was suggested that a professional fashion expert be paid to give feedback at specific junctures to avoid groupthink and also enhance perceived credibility.

It was suggested that this class could benefit from some social manipulation games or inter-cohort competitions, potentially with prizes.

AXRP Episode 5 - Infra-Bayesianism with Vanessa Kosoy

How do I download the podcast as an audio file?

Naïve Set Theory - Part 1: Construction of Sets

What does "For now we will not consider such x as described by S(x):x∉x as sets." mean?

Suspected reason that kids usually hate vegetables

I am from Russia and I am surprised by what you list as typical examples of vegetables. I wonder what vegetables are popular in different parts of the world. Can you all, people from different countries, write the most popular veggies where you're at? I'll start.

I am from Moscow, Russia. I can't say for the entirety of Moscow, only for my family and friends. Here the most popular vegetables are BY FAR tomatos, cucumbers, potatoes, onion, and sweet peppers. People eat tomatoes, cucumbers, and sweet peppers raw either on their own with pepper and salt, or in all kinds of salads. Less popular veggies are eggplant, tsukini, cauliflower, carrots, garlic, green peas, sweet corn. Celery, spinach and broccoli are a little rare. Asparagus is very rare (and expensive).

Suspected reason that kids usually hate vegetables

It's probably bad for you if you don't have a lot of meat in your meals, because then you won't get a lot of protein and will have weak muscles.

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Open & Welcome Thread – February 2021 also contains places where you can get vaccinated, including some shopping malls where you can get vaccinated without booking in advance.

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