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I think this last edit is bad.

Is there any "native" textbook that is pragmatic and explains how to use bayesian in practice (perhaps in some narrow domain)?

Did the model randomly stumble upon this strategy? Or was there an idea pitched by the language model, something like "hey, what if we try to hallucinate and maybe we can hack the game that way"?

Are you able to play sounds using other programs (e.g. open a YouTube video in the background) while getting great latency in reaper or in something similar to reaper?

I've been thinking of buying an M1 MacBook because everyone says that Apple's sound system is great and works out of the box correctly with low latency and no problems, unlike Windows+Wasapi, Windows+ASIO, and Linux. I want to use it for music stuff without an external audio interface. How true is this and would you recommend it?

You says Vast.AI is the "most reliable provider". In my experience, it's an unreliable mess with sometimes buggy not properly working servers and non-existent support service. I will also say the same about On the other hand, lambdalabs had been very reliable in my experience and has a much better UX. The main problem with LambdaLabs is that nowadays it happens pretty often that it has no available servers.

This sounds similar to whether a contemporary machine learning model can break a cryptographic cipher, a hash function, or something like that.

Can you formulate the theorem statement in a precise and self-sufficient way that is usually used in textbooks and papers so that a reader can understand it just by reading it and looking up the used definitions?

I have a kinda-unrelated question. Does Bill Gates write gatesnotes completely himself just because he wants? Or is this a marketing/pr thing and is written by other people? If it's the former, then I want to read it. If it's the latter, I don't.

Do you mean "What do you want me to do" in the tone of voice that means "There's nothing to do here, bugger off"? Or do you mean "What do you want me to do?" in the tone of voice that means "I'm ready to help with this. What should I do to remedy the problem?"?

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