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Took the survey - now going to give some people karma

Took the survey. Feels good to be posting a comment again, think it's potentially a way to get people to overcome the tendency to just lurk.

I'm interested in this event and in meeting LW members. I live in DC and have a bed and an air mattress for people needing a place to stay, and could host if we need a location for a meetup.

If there is concern that people outside of LW won't know the metaphor, then the name "Rationality Waterline" can be used at first with the goal of gaining enough recognition to move on to simply "Waterline" at a later date.

I really like this idea and would love to attend such an event. Ritual is a powerful tool for creating a deep and lasting impact on people, and I imagine that a ritual created by someone who knows the sequences and ideas of LessWrong could be a really amazing experience.