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I don't think you can get there from here. 

I think the only way to solve what we've become is to enlighten the greed that evolution requires, i.e. we have to change to survive the environmental and technological overhang we're skating on. The motivations of pain are poised to send us into a terminal musical chairs to the turtles stacked below, because of the overhang. I think that only a new kind of pleasure has a chance of diverting us, analogous to the scale of social changes the internet has brought.

I wonder if really knowing oneself is any kind of defense against AI. I'm working on a psychological mirror  that may test this (originally based in philosophy of mind). This falling in love phenomenon reminds me how I felt nausea the first times I saw the jump in accuracy neural nets gave over hand-rolled methods of predicting what would interest me.

"break my cold-turkey abstinence from her"

I think AI's might need to outcompete us for mates if we want to keep civilization. If so, I hope it won't be such a struggle for us! :-)