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It's awesome.

I don't have suggestions for improvement right now. I just wanted to say thanks !


I do not think that is happening now for MIRI, and I hope not for others either. I strongly agree with Rob that there is a strong social disincentive to extreme doom estimates.


I know from experience that a sufficiently strong social disincentive can actually increase people's tendency to groupthink. Some groups define themselves largely by the hate they get from the outgroup !

I don't think that it's the case for MIRI, and I don't expect them to fall for this trap. But I hope they're keeping this kind of dynamic in mind and checking from time to time if their position isn't made more rigid by the kind of undocumented criticism they often get.


May I ask why you set the meditation time to 1 hour by default ?

In my experience, getting to 1 hour is difficult. Trying to go from 0 to 1 hour, even supervised, feels a bit much.

I understand that 2 to 5 minutes aren't enough, but during a full hour, if you're not used to it, there is a possibility to get lost and begin thinking about everything but the practice until the alarm beeps. Shorter sessions (30 mins ?) might help keeping them high quality.


Strong upvote for the "let's check for obvious fraud (/mistakes)" idea, especially in most-cited and most-fundamental papers, especially from Nature or Science-level journals.