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Like its homie, Singularity, FriendlyAI is growing old and wrinkly, startling allegations and revelations of its shady and irresponsible past are surfacing, its old friends long gone. I propose: The Cuddly AI. Start the SingulariPartay!

Creating a Friendly AI is similar to taking your socks off when they're wet and wiggling your toes until dry. It's the best thing to do, but looks pretty silly, especially in public.

Back in 1993 my mom used to bake a good Singularity... lost the recipe and dementia got the best her... damn.

Brandon: is there some meme or news making rounds as we speak because I read about criticality accidents only yesterday, having lived 10K+ days and now I see it mentioned again by you. I find this spookily improbable. And this isn't the first time. Once I downloaded something by accident, and decided to check it out, and found the same item in a random situation the next or a few days after that. And a few other "coincidences".

I bet it's a sim and they're having so much fun right now as I type this with my "free will".

Oh, man... criticality accident.... blue light, heat, taste of lead... what a way to go...

Pinprick - bear in mind that if Eliezer considers you more than one level beneath him, your praise will be studiously ignored ;).

From the Sometimes-Hard-Problems-Have-Simple-Solutions-Dept: If you're so concerned... why don't you just implement a roll-back system to the AGI - if something goes wrong, you just roll back and continue as if nothing happened... or am I like missing something here?

There, perm ignore on. :)

I knew, in the same moment, what I had been carefully not-doing for the last six years. I hadn't been updating. And I knew I had to finally update. To actually change what I planned to do, to change what I was doing now, to do something different instead. I knew I had to stop. Halt, melt, and catch fire. Say, "I'm not ready." Say, "I don't know how to do this yet.

I had to utter those words a few years ago, swallow my pride, drop the rat race - and inevitably my standard of living. I wasn't making progress that I could believe in, that I was willing to bet my entire future on.

An appropriate rebuttal to the "show me the code", "show me the math" -folk here pestering you about your lack of visible results. The real action happens in the brain. Rarely does one get a glimpse of it as thorough as the one you provide. In fact, so good you are in communicating the state of your nervous system that I'd bet my future on Eliezer2008 achieving or contributing something lasting and non-lethal than any other single individual in the field of AGI.