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While I intuitively agree with the first takeaway (that moving Schelling points is usually expensive), I think that politics do not have to be a zero sum game. Look at EU or at coalitions creating governments within one country (you US citizens do not have that, I realize). Anyhow, I think that logical resolution would be to punish the cheating family with war as in reiterated prisoners dilemma.  

Oh, ok, I get it slows down ageing. I hoped that you may know of some evidence that it reverses degeneration. in retrospect, I can see that you wrote anti and not de ageing , so the misunderstanding is entirely my fault. Thanks for your clarification 😊

Ok, thanks for the clarification.

Hello James.

I have not heard about anti aging effects but apart from standard indications, I know it helps to loose weight and to an extent prevents obesity. In a oblique manner it may be also a way to deage yourself but... How do you know about the anti-aging effect and what does it mean really? It doesn't reverse time obviously.

I am sorry, to doubt. It just seems to be an extraordinary claim.

Best regards, Piotr, anaesthetist intensivist.

Sorry, English is not my first language. What I mean by renumeration delay is a waiting period between e.g. sowing and harvesting the crops. So in my original question I imply that I have difficulty to discern whether the crops will show up at all.

I find your post confusing. Do you believe in body - mind dualism or was it just a manner of speaking? Maybe you mean that "body memory" is an intuitive subconscious process in the brain?

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Hello. I would like to read about a fine line between the Sunk Cost Fallacy and remuneration delay in a long term investment, whether in relationship or changing workplace, and ways to discern the difference. Thank you.