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Wow! This post is particularly relevant to my life right now. On January 5th I start bootcamp, my first day in the military.

<a href="">MMO of the future lol</a>(some swearing)

And just so I'm not completely off topic, I agree with the original post. There should be games, they should be fun and challenging and require effort and so on. AI's definetly should not d...(read more)

@ ac: I agree with everything you said except the part about farming a scripted boss for phat lewt in the future. One would think that in the future they could code something more engaging. Have you seen LOTR...

Does that mean I could play a better version of World of Warcraft all day after the singularity? Even though it's a "waste of time"?

What about a kind of market system of states? The purpose of the states will be will be to provide a habitat matching each citizen's values and lifestyle?

-Each state will have it's own constitution and rules. -Each person can pick the state they wish to live in assuming they are accepted in based ...(read more)

Um... since we're on the subject of disagreement mechanics, is there any way for Robin or Eliezer to concede points/arguments/details without loosing status? If that could be solved somehow then I suspect the dicussion would be much more productive.

"...what are some other tricks to use?" --Eliezer Yudkowsky "The best way to predict the future is to invent it." --Alan Kay

It's unlikely that a reliable model of the future could be made since getting a single detail wrong could throw everything off. It's far more productive to predict a <i>possi...(read more)

"I think your [Eliezer's] time would be better spent actually working, or writing about, the actual details of the problems that need to be solved."

I used to think that but now I realize that Eliezer is a writer and a theorist but not necessarily a hacker so I don't expect him to necessarily be go...(read more)

Slight correction. I said: "Saying that an argument is wrong because a stupid/bad person said it is of course fallacious, it's an attempt to reverse stupidity to get intelligence." I worded this sentence badly. I mean that stupid people saying things cannot make something false and usually when peop...(read more)