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It seems to me like the simplest way to solve friendliness is: "Ok AI, I'm friendly so do what I tell you to do and confirm with me before taking any action." It is much simpler to program a goal system that responds to direct commands than to somehow try to infuse 'friendliness' into the AI. Grante...(read more)

To clarify my question, what is the point of all this talk about "morality" if it all amounts to "just do what you think is right"? I mean other than the futility of looking for The True Source of morality outside yourself. I guess I may have answered my own question if this was the whole point. So ...(read more)

What is "morality" for?(not morality) The "morality" concept seems so slippery at this point that it might be better to use other words to more clearly communicate meaning.

@Tiiba I think you nailed it on the head. That is pretty much my view but you worded it better than I ever could. There is no The Meta-Morality. There are multiple possible memes(moralities and meta-moralities) and some work better than others at producing and keeping civilizations from falling apar...(read more)

Question for Obert: Suppose there are intelligent aliens in a galaxy far far away... There is a pretty good chance they will discover math. They might use different symbols and they might represent their data differently but they will discover math because the universe pretty much runs on math. To t...(read more)

Maybe it wouldn't be such a bad thing if humanity was overcome by the zombie virus. I mean look at those skirts, they are very short, very!