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I'm not so sure I followed that. Do you still get tickets as long as you pledge $25 or higher? Or if you want the poster and a ticket do you have to make 2 pledges totaling $65?

Do you have a picture of the poster that comes with a $40 pledge? Also, do you still get the poster if you pledge more?

I'm the kid in the corner with the laptop

Probably what I'll end up doing. Just checking first is all.

Not sure if open thread is the best place to put this, but oh well.

I'm starting at Rutgers New Brunswick in a few weeks. There aren't any regular meetups in that area, but I figure there have to be at least a few people around there who read lesswrong. If any of you see this I'd be really interested in getting in touch.

I suppose modafinil should be in the same boat as caffeine for the purposes of this experiment.

I cried twice reading this. That puts it just below Humanism part 3 on my list of most touching chapters.

Quirrel in Methods has pretty much stated that he's trying to mold Harry into a dark lord. That requires Harry to be alive and is significantly more likely if he doesn't have Hermione's moral influence.

You will not be thrown in an asylum for discussing this with a professional

My experience disagrees. I went to see a professional for antidepressants, was emotionally stable at that moment, and was thrown in a psych ward for a week. I had to lie about my condition to be released. The whole affair failed to help in any way.

If my inhibitions regarding a certain course of action seem entirely internal, go through with it because I'm probably limiting my options for no good reason.

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