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OpenAI makes humanity less safe

You're right, it was not specific enough to contribute to the conversation. However, my point was very understandable, though general. I don't believe that there is a control problem because I don't believe AI means what most people think it does.

To elaborate, learning algorithms are just learning algorithms and always will be. No one in the actual practical world who is working on AI is trying to build anything like any sort of entity that has a will. And humans have forgotten about will for some reason, and that's why they're scared of AI.

OpenAI makes humanity less safe

I'm not exactly sure about the whole effective altruism ultimatum of "more money equals more better". Obviously it may be that the whole control problem is completely the wrong question. In my opinion, this is the case.

Project Hufflepuff

Is there a link to the facebook post anywhere? In the meantime, I'll just leave this here:

)|(Just look at Zahir, he did exactly one instance of what I do all the time.

Open thread, Apr. 03 - Apr. 09, 2017

Google is your friend. Here is an example link:

http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/0278691595000933 I have smird'(proof)#regular question, did this just safe it but only for me?

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Regular, "dont think about the irony"

Project Hufflepuff: Planting the Flag

Regular I'm fairly certain phrasing things like Harry Potter reference is actually bad for the rationalist community.

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Normal "introducing myself", normal I am of faith.