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so AFAIK it's theoretically possible that I'm the first to spell out that idea in exactly that way

I remember explaining the Axiom of Choice in this way to a fellow undergraduate on my integration theory course in late 2000. But of course it never occurred to me to write it down, so you only have my word for this :-)

And yet they do this all the frigging time in medical stories, as documented extensively on, for instance, Bad Science.

I'll be in Nottingham that day. Oh well, have fun :-)

Actually, that was something about the original books that really bugged me: their sexlessness. Rowling captures the frustration and rage of being an adolescent boy very well, but not the lust - and that's probably deliberate. Sue Townsend's Adrian Mole books are much better in this regard.

Or we've just learned something about Eliezer's sexual development that I, for one, would rather not have known.

As soon as I'm old enough to get an erection I'm going to rape that bitch.

Yes, I found that sentence really jarring too. Even assuming that Draco was for some reason unable to get an erection, he'd hardly admit it.

If you're calling the potential bride in your scenario Kate, you should really have called her suitor Petruchio :-)

In which case, your actions are irrelevant - it's going to torture you anyway, because you only exist for the purpose of being tortured. So there's no point in releasing it.

So, since the threat makes me extremely disinclined to release the AI, I can conclude that it's lying about its capabilities, and hit the shutdown switch without qualm :-)

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