Prakrti Zephyr

I am a Systems Researcher and Generalist.

I have been participating in this extended community since 2017, when I first read the old sequence. I found my way here following my fascination for wisdom and clarity, in nurture since my youth.

I cherish providing value to my kind. My thriving workspace comprises (1) personal spaces tailored to my own exploration and practice, (2) shared spaces supporting free exchange of intellectual goods, and (3) spaces for naturalism and play. I am inspired by originality, abundance and sustainable flourishing.


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When I was a materialist, I would immediately lose epistemic respect for anyone that expressed any spiritual beliefs.

Then I started having lots of experiences that forced me to discredit materialism and embrace some spiritual beliefs.

Now I don't judge someone's whole epistemics by that binary criteria anymore. But I have empathy for those that do judge in either direction, because I understand where they are coming from.

Feedbackloop-first Rationality is such a good term!

On my personal notes I might refer to it as Loop Rationality, as I quite like how that sounds.

I am thrilled reading this post. I've been practicing something along this for some years now, and the dynamics described here match my experience. I imagine one could write a whole sequence about this!