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Or, recently created memories esp of false-memory-charm origin are likely to be in the forefront, and push everything else to the background.

Anyone remember this ....

"And the reason it is easy for you to forgive such fools and think well of them, Mr. Potter, is that you yourself have not been sorely hurt. You will think less fondly of commonplace idiots after the first time their folly costs you something dear. Such as a hundred Galleons from your own pocket, perhaps, rather than the agonizing deaths of a hundred strangers."

Now he's gone and spent a hundred THOUSAND Galleons on a friend's folly, and I don't think Quirrelmort would've expected that.

Can we get a sub-reddit? I'm tired of finding out which is the right thread for the present, and all the posts are scrambled over multiple threads, etc.

A sub-reddit might also get new people to hpmor, as opposed to being on

I don't have a reddit account, but I'd create one if hpmor was there.

Can't see the significance of 'The Horn Effect' in the title....

Is it that the Daily Prophet, et al, are creating a Horn effect against Hermione?

Chap 79 - EY's added #40 on list to read.

Chap 40

  • HP discloses to Q, Lucius's conversation, and also speculates that Dumbledore will kill Draco, making it seem as if Harry did it, to get Lucius to stop his game against Dumbledore and go after Harry.
  • Q suggests only way to remove cognitive dissonance in others is to kill them
  • Q talks about ways to stay alive and does not mention Horcruxes, instead leading on to the resurrection stone.
  • HP shows the Deathly Hallows symbol to Q who seems to have been oblivious of the Hallows till now, same as canon, & unsurprising given his Muggle upbringing. So he knows about the cloak, and now the stone, very likely that he knows about the wand as well

I also find it impossible to believe that Hermione lost to Malfoy, she just beat him fair & square in battle. That certainly sounds like a false memory.

Intermittent one is either people using time-turners, Weasley's don;t know about time-turners, so they think it's showing one person in two places or If it showed two names for the same person, that might be an intermittent bug too, ie Quirrel/Riddle based on who he is at the moment.

Permanent bug might be someone floating in the castle who they know shouldn't be there, perhaps Pettigrew, or Sirius, or someone who should be there but isn't - ie Quirrell being unplottable.

Dumbledore & Snape are known Occlumens, but they show up on the map just fine.

In canon, the bug that Harry saw was Pettigrew on the map but he wasn't actually there in reality.

Aah, somehow I read your earlier statement to mean H&C & Santa Claus were the same.

And you're absolutely right, Santa Claus is one person, and the name signifies it is the same person.

Looks like Harry told Quirrell that it was signed Santa Claus - we should assume in the future letters are from the same person or Q, since Q would definitely forge such letters if it was to his advantage.

"Although of course Harry hadn't told Professor Quirrell who'd sent him the card, nor what it was supposed to do, before he'd asked Professor Quirrell if it was possible to tell where the portkey would send him." ... Harry had shown Professor Quirrell the note that had accompanied the deck of cards, saying nothing of the earlier notes.

My hypothesis for now is SC = Dumbledore/Nicholas Flamel. H&C = Quirrell.

And 75th above makes a strong case for SC=D -

I was annoyed too, then I read Eliezer's comment somewhere about deliberately embedding many clues on Quirrelmort and other things, and reading the reviews to figure out who got them.

After that, I just decided that what looked like a clue, smelled like a clue, was probably a clue - and not some mysterious writing which is meant to be mysterious. My eyes were opened :) Might work for you too :)

In 14 - Harry's Invisibility Cloak is not given by Santa Claus - the letter is unsigned unlike future letters - and is almost surely given by Dumbledore himself. Perhaps this is a hint toward the use of a time-turner? (Does Hermione know about Harry's time-turner yet? )

63 is on the list - where Harry actually receives the gift from Claus.

Also, 43-47 has Harry going deep into his dark side, that's probably more the clue than killing of the dementor.

OT - Whoa! I didn't realize that had someone saying "I'm not serious" - awesome!

Why do you think that particular Santa Claus was H & C ?

Sounded more like Lupin to me, with the 'getting into more trouble than James' reference.

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