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I wish it was so simple. I don't know how to make habbits since I Am waking every day each time at different time, besides I have nothing to do whole day is just enduring insane boredom and physical pain! Also I don't have anything to reward myself with and I never have any motivation EVER for anything - it is complicated! I don't even know how I will go sleep on time!!! Which is my most pressing problem, I Am so insanely bored it hurts like knives and even though of going to sleep is painful. Self-hypnosis, I never got hypnosis, but I have nothing to lose by trying... Don't know if I will be even able currently. If I only could go asleep every day at 11pm, it would make my life so much more easier. Problem is I already spent reading thousands of articles about these issues and nothing works, because I Am very unorthodox person, and have weird issues... It is literally so bad I have maybe energy on something 5-15 minutes a day, rest is enduring pain literally!

Interesting concept thanks! I will try, but I if you knew how bored I Am, I Am constantly looking whole day for pleasure otherwise pain is too much, I hunt even for 1 molecule of dopamine against working! Because I Am soo bored out of my mind that I can't take it! And if I Am bored my whole head is tingling, and hurts insanely that I Am completely paralyzed, I even try 3 hours to do something and still defer it! I invest my whole energy to enduring pain of boredom and even that is becoming difficult! Geez...

Also I read you solve procrastination by motivation, instead of willing, because you have limited amounts of resources! This has been always true for me from experience, I never had motivation for anything. My dopamine system seems to be primed for far future, and by using will it is always 1 step forward: 2 steps back: it doesn't work at all! Problem is I can't do anything with my motivation :/

To add: it is so bad, I Am agitated all day from boredom and I Am doing nothing else than hunting for molecule to get rid of feeling like thorns in my brain. Sometimes I have minute of clarity and it is crazy how bad it is!

I have extreme problem with procrastination! I tried working 10 minutes no pressure, but pain from doing work doesn't go away. I have severe ADHD, I never could do even homeworks and I was daydreaming all day in school. I have chronic pain years and I can't do anything whole day, because pain doesn't allow me!!! I Am soooooooo bored to the oblivion! Whole day I do nothing else but to try kill boredom and I procrastinate all the time. I have severe executive dysfunctions, I Am thinking about doing something all the time, but I always end up delayomg things, because doing them is too painful solely from boredom! It is not even negative emotions! Is there any strategy how to start doing something slowly??? I can't even go to sleep before 3Am and I try like 100 times, but every time I delay to listen to another song, or check another article and so on... It is never getting better, it is so painful to the point it is torture!